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Hooray for Victorian Tights!

Finally! My new venture, Belle Antique is now offering a signature line of Victorian inspired hosiery! The line debuts with three designs, "Alice", "Portrait of Her", and "Pocket Full Of Rosies".  I am super excited at the response that the designs have had with so many really sweet people! Thank you to everyone who has bought a pair or visited my web shop!  I am having fun working on more designs (some really yummy ones are coming soon;).  I love things that are both delicate and complex (that is sort of my design staple I would say).

"Portrait of Her" is probably my
personal favorite and the one I love to wear the most.  However, I had
the most fun with "Alice"!  Danny Elfman's "Alice" theme song from Tim Burton's
Alice in Wonderland kept playing over and over in my mind mind while
designing these.  The song is enchanting!

If you have never heard it (or even if you have, goodness knows I've heard it at least 500 times) please take a listen!

Click our logo below for more information and to visit our shop.

Long Live The Queen!

I am really happy with this design! I love roses and adorable Victorians so it worked out well;)

Again this really is my favorite design to wear.   I am so very thankful about how it turned out!